Sleep Multiplier

Restores the therapeutic nature of your restand burn fat while you sleep
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The dream? Losing weight while you sleep. Not only does SLEEP MULTIPLIER restores the therapeutic nature of your rest, but it also helps you burn fat while you count zzz's.

L-THEANINE: Decreases side effects of overstimulation & increases relaxation

MAGNESIUM: causes vasodilation to promote systemic relaxation from lowered blood pressure

VALERIAN: Promotes relaxation

LEMON BALM: Calms your nervous system activity

CHAMOMILE: An anti-inflammatory that decreases stiffness

PASSIONFLOWER: Relaxes nervous system activity

SELENIUM: Maintains your metabolic rate at a healthy level

IODINE: Maintains your metabolic rate at a healthy level

PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE: Lowers cortisol (the primary hormone released during stress.) Improves quality of sleep and body composition

CHLOROGENIC ACID: Stabilizes blood sugar, improves energy upon waking & promotes fat loss

How much should I take?
Take one serving per day (3 capsules) about 90 minutes before you go to bed. (PLEASE NOTE* If you purchased Sleep Multiplier in one of our bundles, you will receive our new formula. Check the supplement label on the bundle product page for more usage info.)

With food? Liquid?
You can take with or without food. You can take this product with as much liquid as you need to swallow the pills.

What happens if I skip?
Not a big deal, it is not recommended to double up dose. Just take a regular dose the next night.

Can you take this product while pregnant or breastfeeding?
Yes, it is recommended.

Is this product vegan/Gluten-free?

Can I take this product on certain medications?
Yes. However, always check with your Dr./Physician.

Is this product addictive/habit forming?
No, this product is completely safe and natural, and you will not form a dependence on it by taking it regularly.

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The Science Behind Sleep Multiplier

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