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Incredibly delicious, our HOMEMADE VANILLA ICE-CREAM PROTEIN POWDER delivers high-quality protein that satisfies your tastebuds while...

  • Promoting lean muscle growth
  • Increasing fat loss
  • Boosting your metabolism
  • Supporting cardiovascular health
  • CANE SUGAR: Significant less processing than white sugar & helps revitalize, energize, and hydrate your body after exercise
  • NATURAL & ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS (Vanilla): Makes the protein taste delicious, just like real ice-cream
  • LACTASE: Supplemental enzyme used to help properly digest lactose
  • SUCRALOSE: Low-calorie sweetener

How much should I take?
As much as you want, but this product does contain calories, so be aware of that if you are counting calories.

When should I take it?
This can be used in place of a protein source of a typical meal. It is suggested to use when you need protein, and if you don’t want something heavy in your stomach. Also good as a snack before bed!

How? With food? Liquid?
You can take this with a minimum amount of fluid to make a pudding, or you can use 8-16oz fluid to make a shake. This product is food!

This product is safe to take as often as you want.

What happens if I skip?
Not a big deal. You can double up doses if you want. It is food, so it is a good portion of your calories.

Does this product have calories?
Yes, 110 calories per serving.

Can you take this product while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Is this product vegan?


Does this product contain caffeine?

Can I take this product on certain medications?
Yes. However, always check with Dr/Physician.

Is this a meal replacement?
No. The Vanilla Protein Blend is meant to help fulfill your protein goals. This product is not meant to act as a full meal.

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Science Behind Vanilla Protein Blend


Vanilla Protein Blend Dosing FAQ


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