Men's Ultimate Stack

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MEN'S ULTIMATE provides everything he will need to maintain muscle mass and boost fat loss.


Stubborn fat melts off extremely easily using BURN AM's thermogenic formula and high alpha receptors:

WHITE WILLOW BARK: Increases inflammation which boosts the effectiveness of the fat-burning hormones

GARLIC: Makes your body less efficient at making energy–Causing you to spend more calories to produce energy–Burning more calories at rest

EGCG: Inhibits breakdown of natural fat-burning hormones

CAPSICUM & EVODIAMINE: Activates your body to produce & feel more heat from the inside

COLEUS FORSKOHLII: Increases fat-burning effects of natural fat-burning hormones

ALOE VERA: Cooling agent–helps to cool things down

CARNITINE: Transports your fat so you can burn it off

CYANIDIN 3 GLUCOSIDE: Increases glucose utilization & fat intake in the muscles

CITRUS ALKALOID BLEND: Guarana, Orange and Grapefruit Seed – allows the body to make better use of natural hormones


Enables your body to experience restful sleep so you will be able to completely recharge your body, leading to better workouts and more energy in your day.

Improves the restorative nature of your sleep

Helps you lose weight while you sleep

Balances your hormone profile

Ensures body composition improves

Decreases stiffness and promotes relaxation

Keeps metabolic rates healthy


Crush cravings, curb your appetite, and decrease fat storage using BURN PM:

5-HTP: Decreases carb cravings & increases food satisfaction

BETA GLUCAN: Makes the nutrients you consume last longer

CHROMIUM: Stabilizes blood sugar levels which helps to regulate appetite

TRIMETHYLGYCINE & BETAINE: Decreases systemic inflammation

GINSENG: Increases cognition during times of stress

ASHWAGANDHA: Helps balance stress and anxiety & helps stress hormone reduction

RHODIOLA: Improves cognition when you are tired & regulates stress and appetite


Contains the proper ratios of EPA and DHA, which have been repeatedly shown to help decrease the change in hormone levels, while also boosting insulin sensitivity to prevent fat storage in the stomach and liver.



ALPHALIPOLOIC ACID (insulin regulation)





A short duration detox of your liver, colon, and kidney. Use this cleansing power to help revitalize, restore, and reset your body before a big event or diet change.

TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid): Decreases liver stress & promotes liver regeneration

CASCARA SAGRADA: Signals muscles in intestines to start contracting

ALOE VERA: Reduces stress in intestines & lowers gastric inflammation

SENA LEAF FLOWER: Improves stool consistency

CHLORELLA POWDER: Increase in renal and kidney health

DANDELION: Promotes diuresis & decreases bloating

LICORICE EXTRACT: Antibacterial properties

ACTIVATED COCONUT CHARCOAL: Reduces gastric distress & scavenges toxins

PRE STEP: 1 & 2

Increases blood flow to muscles helping you to push through workouts! Step 2 serves as your caffeine source if you need the added boost of energy.

L-CITRULLINE: delays time to exhaustion & regulates GI side effects

CREATINE HCI/CREATINE NITRATE: decreases time to exhaustion, produces better muscle contractions, increases performance, and increases blood flow

BETA-ALANINE: increases muscular endurance

ALPHA GPC: a cognitive stabilizer that increases focus

N-ACETYL-L-TYROSINE: regulates performance and central fatigue

ALPHA-AMYLASE: a powerful digestive enzyme

SYNEPHRINE HCL: boosts your metabolic rate & increases focus and energy

THEOBROMINE: bronchodilator – helps you breathe easier

VITAMINS B-12, B-9, B-6 & B-3: keeps your carbon metabolism on point

CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS: allows you to systematically introduce caffeine stimulation without losing the critical qualities of Pre 1


A final form of protein, instantly available in your bloodstream within 15 minutes. INTRA floods your system & pumps your muscles full of precisely what they need to succeed:

ANABOLIC AMINO ACID BLEND: Provides the building blocks (you need to build muscle) available when you stimulate muscle protein synthesis during exercise

POTASSIUM CHLORIDE: Improves muscle contraction & helps with muscle cramps

SODIUM CHLORIDE: Acts as an electrolyte, supports hyper-hydration & helps muscle contraction

CREATINE: Creates readily available energy for muscle contraction

BETAINE: Regulates inflammatory markers, decreases stress hormones, optimizes hydration & increases resistance to muscle stress


BULLETPROOF VITALITY helps enhance your prostate health, reduce oxidative damage, and regulate healthy inflammation.

Regrows hair & prevents balding

Increases sexual function

Decreases prostate swelling

Reduces bathroom visits at night

Interferes with prostate growth

Improves mood

Reduces inflammation and pain

Increases blood pressure and flow

Decreases muscle soreness and pain

Prevents oxidative stress

Raises testosterone levels

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