Alpha Pak Stack

Enter beast mode & dominate your workouts
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Enter beast mode & dominate your workouts using the power of ALPHA PAK:

Maximizes muscle-building response from resistance training

Improves hormone conditions for muscle gain

Demolishes muscle wasting catabolism

Restores restful sleep

Speeds up muscle growth


INTRA floods your system and pumps your muscles full of precisely what they need to succeed:

ANABOLIC AMINO ACID BLEND: Provides the building blocks (you need to build muscle) available when you stimulate muscle protein synthesis during exercise

POTASSIUM CHLORIDE: Improves muscle contraction & helps with muscle cramps

SODIUM CHLORIDE: Acts as an electrolyte, supports hyper-hydration & helps muscle contraction

CREATINE: Creates readily available energy for muscle contraction

BETAINE: Regulates inflammatory markers, decreases stress hormones, optimizes hydration & increases resistance to muscle stress


Rediscover therapeutic sleep & completely recharge your body so you can experience better workouts & more energy in your day.

L-THEANINE: Decreases side effects of overstimulation & increases relaxation

VALERIAN: Promotes relaxation

LEMON BALM: Calms your nervous system activity

CHAMOMILE: An anti-inflammatory that decreases stiffness

PASSIONFLOWER: Relaxes nervous system activity

SELENIUM: Maintains your metabolic rate at a healthy level

IODINE: Maintains your metabolic rate at a healthy level

PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE: Lowers cortisol (the primary hormone released during stress.) Improves quality of sleep and body composition

CHLOROGENIC ACID: Stabilizes blood sugar, improves energy upon waking & promotes fat loss

MAGNESIUM: Causes vasodilation to promote systemic relaxation from lowered blood pressure

PRE STEP: 1 & 2

Increases blood flow to muscles helping you to push through workouts! Step 2 serves as your caffeine source if you need the added boost of energy.

L-CITRULLINE: delays time to exhaustion & regulates GI side effects

CREATINE HCI/CREATINE NITRATE: decreases time to exhaustion, produces better muscle contractions, increases performance, and increases blood flow

BETA-ALANINE: increases muscular endurance

ALPHA GPC: a cognitive stabilizer that increases focus

N-ACETYL-L-TYROSINE: regulates performance and central fatigue

ALPHA-AMYLASE: a powerful digestive enzyme

SYNEPHRINE HCL: boosts your metabolic rate & increases focus and energy

THEOBROMINE: bronchodilator – helps you breathe easier

VITAMINS B-12, B-9, B-6 & B-3: keeps your carbon metabolism on point

CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS: allows you to systematically introduce caffeine stimulation without losing the critical qualities of Pre 1


This natural testosterone enhancer allows you to push harder at the gym by sparking acute testosterone production.

FENUGREEK: Increases testosterone production, decrease levels of by-products of testosterone production, decrease fat mass, improves workout

STINGING NETTLE ROOT: Keeps testosterone active

DIINDOLYMETHANE: Estrogen regulating molecule

D ASPARTIC ACID: Signals steroid production, boosts virility, and increases muscle mass

LEPIDIUM: Significant improvements in drive and sex quality while suppressing prostate growth

ICARIN: Greatly improved drive, assertiveness and aggressiveness, and decreased vasodilation

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