Relieves soreness and stiffness after workouts
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Experiencing soreness or stiffness after extremely productive workouts?

INTRA by Prestige Labs was explicitly designed to elevate post-workout pain while helping you:

  • Recover faster
  • Decrease soreness
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Eliminate fatigue
  • Reduce irritability

Fortify your body using INTRA'S powerful formulation:

  • ANABOLIC AMINO ACID BLEND: Provides the building blocks (you need to build muscle) available when you stimulate muscle protein synthesis during exercise
  • POTASSIUM CHLORIDE: Improves muscle contraction & helps with muscle cramps
  • SODIUM CHLORIDE: Acts as an electrolyte, supports hyper-hydration & helps muscle contraction
  • CREATINE: Creates readily available energy for muscle contraction
  • BETAINE: Regulates inflammatory markers, decreases stress hormones, optimizes hydration & increases resistance to muscle stress

Serving Size?
Take one serving (2 scoops) on the days that you workout (3 times a week).

When should I take it?
Sip on this during your workout.

Daily vs. weekly?
This product is formulated to last one month by taking 3 times weekly on days you workout.

How? With food? Liquid?
Take with as much fluid as you need to make it taste good. You do not need to take this with food.

Should be able to take consistently for an extended period of time 3 times a week.

What happens if I skip?
Not a big deal to double up the dosage, but not necessary. Take a regular dose during your next workout.

Does Intra have calories?
Technically, there are calories in the INTRA since Amino Acids are protein. That being said, you are looking at 30 calories per serving (15 per scoop).

Can you take Intra while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Is Intra vegan/gluten-free?

How much creatine is in INTRA?
2 grams per serving.

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The Science Behind INTRA



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